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Spelt Flour Pasta w/ Thai Curry Red | EN

spelt flour pasta w/Thai Curry red

This blog comes with a heavy heart, for I will most likely have prepared it for the last time as I had to find today that my system can no longer break down the Thai Curry paste too well. I recently had a pretty severe reaction to a similar product from a different importing company (slightly different design and price) and was sick for three days afterwards (actually, for almost a week). I had hoped they had used a different manufacturer and the latter using a different recipé. Today, I prepared this meal that I had been fixing for myself so many times before with seemingly no adverse reaction (or I hadn’t payed attention, which is more likely). According to the motto “hope goes last” I was hopeful – and had to let go hope, apparently. I’m really heartbroken over this as this Thai Curry paste is really an excellent product when it comes to its taste and overall texture and viscosity…. (I must have developed a cross hypersensitivity to the contained soybean oil or something).

Anyway (_sob_, this was a main staple in my “arsenal”, one of my prepped-and-served-in-next-to-no-time-super-easy-and-filling-meals….), here goes:

  • 2 – 3 tbsp brown rice
  • ca. 75g fish (smoked sprout, salmon or similar; alternatively readymade chickenbreast strips, about 125g or so)
  • about 1/4 of a medium sized summer squash, cut to little spikes
  • one medium sized red pointed pepper, cut to small strips (I’ve gotten used to keeping the seeds in, but remove the stem and core, of course)
  • one smaller or medium sized shallot tops, cut to cubes
  • according to taste, add one smaller Thai Chilli, if you like it really hot and spicy (“original”); cut to thin strips
  • 2 tbsp. sesame-, peanut- or Wok-compatible cooking oil
  • 1-2 tbsp organic olive oil
  • 2 heaped tbsp. of red Thai Curry paste from (for everyone whose system is better compatible with the soybean oil ingredient, _holler_….)
  • about 200 ml of coconut milk
  • 1 teaspoon of Chilli flavored salt
  • ground Chilli flakes
  • ground black pepper
  • ca. 1 tbsp. of seasalt

For the pasta, boil a small to medium sized pot with water and about 1 tbsp of sea salt, then add the pasta to the boiling water. .Cook for no more then 5 min., pour the boiling water and sprinkle about 1 tbsp. of olive oil (organic and/or w/ added flavors) on top, stir thoroughly, then close the lid to keep from cooling to quickly. As the pasta is usually ready to serve fairly soon into the prepping phase, I start dicing and cutting the produce right away as well as starting the rest of the preparations almost simultaneously, so that everything is ready to serve at the same time.

For the sauce, add about 2-3 tbsp. of one of above mentioned (cooking) oils to the pan, spread brown rice and shallots evenly across the bottom of pan, add spices and fry at high temperatures until rice sports a deep brown “tan”. Deglaze with about 50 to 100 ml of water and add produce. As soon as the water has almost evaporated, add coconut milk and fish (the chicken strips at the same time as the produce; if chicken strips are not prefried/-cooked, marinate them in about 1 teaspoon of brown soy sauce and add them right after having deglazed the rice).

Turn up the heat a bit and keep at a steady simmer for another 2 -3 mins. Make sure it never gets to boiling and keep stirring in the Thai Curry paste. Stir everything thoroughly. Serve with our usual basil leaves.


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