Refresh Pasta, yes or no? ZEIT Online Article

Christoph Drösser on ZEIT Online

Boil water, add salt, pasta, boil some more, decant, refresh – or don’t? Will cold water really prevent pasta from clumping together? Christoph Drösser answers this in below article

Source: Muss man Nudeln abschrecken? | ZEIT ONLINE

Christoph Drösser explains in a brief article over at ZEIT Online, how to address the common (bad) practice of refreshing fresh cooked pasta in a best-practice kind of way, i.e. by immediately adding some sauce to the pasta, thus keeping it from clumping together. Alternatively, I have come to use a sprinkle of cooking oil and stirring the pasta, which results in a similar effect of preventing those blocks of “clumps”. I have to say, though that I take pasta made from spelt flower for the most part or glutenfree types altogether (which are usually made from rice as a base ingredient). Naturally, the “clumping effect” is somewhat reduced here as the pasta contains less or zero gluten.

However, to each their own, I say! 😉

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