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Multigrain Sandwich BLT-style | EN

Multigrain Sandwich BLT style
Multigrain Sandwich BLT style. W. Nieke CC 4.0 BY-NC

I realize I’m leaning far towards the “fast food”/snack side of things here… and it says “slow & fast food” in the header and in the about section. So… indulge me, if so inclined… 🙂

Plus, I believe I’ve come up with something very similar before, so this isn’t exactly a very creative … well …. “creation” 😉 But I have a slight variation to offer, which will hopefully justify adding a blog entry on its own for this one: Chicken breast instead of bacon or ham. (see bun on the right). And I’ve omitted roasted onion flakes this time as they … well…. let’s just say that my system wasn’t all that happy processing them…😇 (and if you’re as sensitive in that regard then let’s agree that this remark may pass for a warning, shall we? 😏 )

On the bright side: I can spare you the prepping part this time, as it’s pretty much the same as here (minus the olives, which I left out as well). Again a slight variation: Instead of slicing big leaves of Cesar’s salad I left them whole. The fresher the leaves, the better a “lid” or base they make to keep the ketchup and mayonnaise from soaking the buns. Oh, and last, but not least: Instead of seasoning salt, I added a few sprinkles of #beltane flavored salt. (which is very – v.e.r.y.! – yummie!)

BLT style Sandwich
#beltaneNaturkost flavored salt on the tomato “lid” on the left. ©W. Nieke CC 4.0.

Vegans may go with my usual recommendation of using baked summersquash or eggplant. Pickled tomato slices will do as well, but make sure you rinse well! (the oils used for pickling usually aren’t exactly high quality, let alone all that healthy. I always hope that the pickled fruit or legumes haven’t soaked all of that up; if uncertain, use dried tomatoes or similar instead – definitely the healthier choice, I’d say).

So… there are actually three variations from the originally posted snack. Guess, I should be safe having made you read another entry on this little interim meal (which is great for studying and such, I think, as it provides quite a bit of energy while not being all too heavy on the tummy…).



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