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Chickenbreast Strips on Rye Pattie | EN (#ad #sponsored)

Recently, I received a promotional package of – #sponsoredAd – #beltaneNaturkost seasoning packs including three high-end mini kegs containing their brand of herbal seasoning salt, a seasoning blend called “Gyros” (along the lines of greek meat dishes) and a chicken broth. Today I felt like “yeah, meat!” and followed an intuition for stir-fried chickenbreast strips with shallots. Pondered, done! And I fancied trying Beltane’s blend of Gyros-type spices (I’m aware it’s not yet listed in their online shop, but I guess it will appear after the relaunch of the former).

What can I say: I have to praise those guys for coming up with the tastiest of spice blends my palate has ever gotten in touch with! I must try this again with non-preflavored chicken strips (these ones came preroasted and mildly preseasoned).

Ingredients / Produce used:

  • two dark rye patties (they include some wheat, but lean heavily on the rye and oatmeal side)
  • a few leaves of Cesar’s salad, two for each pattie, one as ground coat, one as “lid”
  • #beltaneNaturkost Gyros powder
  • cooking oil (I prefer canola for now, but any good cooking oil will do)
  • 1/2 shallot diced in stripes
  • Chickenstrips (about 100g)
  • about 1 tbsp. of Ketchup, Mayonnaise per pattie
  • 1 slice of tomato per pattie

Put the rye patties in the toaster and roast at medium heat for up to 2 minutes. Meanwhile dice shallot, cover the bottom of a small pan with cooking oil, heat up and add diced shallot and chicken strips along with about 1 teaspoon of Beltane’s Gyros powder (or a similar spice blend; if the chickenstrips are raw, I suggest cutting them to small pieces or stripes and gently marinate them using above mentioned Gyros power and/or a little bit of soy sauce prior to stir-frying them). Stir-fry for no longer than 3 minutes at higher heat. Swivel and pivot pan often so that spice and oil cover all parts and blend well.

Get toasted patties and cover them with one leaf of Cesar’s cut to appropriate size so as to not hang over the edges too far. Add about one tablespoon of Ketchup and Mayonnaise in equal parts. Spread chickenstrips and roasted shallot across each half of Cesar’s covered pattie. Add a slice of tomato on top and another leaf of Ceasar’s (or the upper “lid” of the pattie).

And get your “nom-nom” going! 🙂

P.S. As I was hungry today and not really satisfied after two slices of rye pattie, I afforded myself an encore: A small bowl with the rest of the chickenstrips, Cesar’s below, Ketchup-Mayonnaise on top and – Cornflakes instead of rye buns! (for the crisp crunch to boot 😉 )


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