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Vegan Protein – An Overview for Vegans and Vegetarians (via

Image by Evita Ochel from Pixabay

Vegans and vegetarians don’t have to put up with protein deficiency. There is a rich variety of plant based alternatives, which offer more than enough supply of protein.

Source (Article in German): Pflanzliche Eiweissquellen – Ein Überblick für Veganer und Vegetarier

I asked myself repeatedly how I’d best replace animal based protein sources like meat or dairy products, in particular with regard to building muscle. And I found above article, which offers a rich palette of plant based protein alternatives for vegans and vegetarians. I find those to be much healthier und easier to digest – at least in my case – than meat or dairy, where I have to be rigid in omitting the latter for reasons of a general intolerance (if I don’t, I’ll find myself suffering from severe side effects bordering on disease and general dysfunction).

Not only is there a great variety of alternatives to choose from, but I find them to be very enjoyable and tasty as well, in particular when it comes to cashews and walnuts. So, I really can’t see any limitations placed on the wish for taste or diversity in plant based protein sources where I’m concerned. But see for yourself, if so inclined.


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