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Eat these 5 foods to sharpen your brain health, memory and focus |

Crosschecking how well I was doing with my own diet. Not too bad, I’d say, but still some room for improvement (particular where it concerns fermented foods, I keep forgetting them, should be Kraut for me or Kimchi or such, totally intolerant to anything dairy, so those foods made from it won’t work; luckily, there are plenty of alternatives serving a similar purpose)

bowl of raspberries and blueberries held up by a person Bowl of Raspberries and Blueberries

Source: Eat these 5 foods to sharpen your brain health, memory and focus, says Harvard nutritionist

I was intrigued to cross check how well I’m doing with my diet. Not bad, but room for improvement. Interestingly, a short time prior to coming across this I have added more fruit to my daily diet again and having done so seems to improve my mood on a sustainable basis.
Should remind myself to have fermented foods more often again. Other than that: Check 🙂

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