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Rye Toast with an Assortment of Pickles and Condiments (Nearly Vegan)

toasted slices of rye with an assortment of pickled veggies and condiments
toasted slices of rye with an assortment of pickled veggies and other toppings. W. Nieke, CC BY-NC-SA

Source: Shared album – Wan Nan – Google Photos

Prior to my big transition in diet in 2005 when I had learned of my food intolerances that had been plaguing me for the bulk of my life into later adulthood one of my guilty pleasures had been snacks and pastries of all kinds, the “creamier”, the merrier. When I learnt that I’d have to do without all dairy (products), mustard and a few other things, I was devastated at first. I mean, we all get those cravings, right? Or those moments, when we feel we need to afford ourselves something edible to boost mood or remove a bout of depression or “Blues” or whatever, right? I felt deprived of this option at first.

However, I intuitively knew that if my diet adjustments were meant to last, I’d have to find new and healthy ways of pallatal pleasures that would serve as a treat in between. And they would have to be easy to “procure” and quick to fix. Enter your self–made veggie snack! In the picture you see:

  • toasted slices of rye bread (ALDI, if their grocery stores are present where you live)
  • about 2 tbps. of ripe Avocado per slice of toast used as spread
  • dried and pickled slices of tomato (very fleshy, but also oily, so I always rinse off the cheap oil as best as I can and remove the rest with a kitchen paper tissue)
  • pickled and minced chillies (hot! And oily as well)
  • some leaves of fresh peppermint
  • some minced chicory trunks
  • (Mayonnaise, not in the picture; I’m being told there is vegan Mayonnaise, in which case this can be an all vegan snack)
  • leaves of Romana lettuce as last topping and if served as fingerfood

Please consider serving on plates as the pickled veggies will keep “oozing” despite the rinsing procedure. You might consider serving some additional leaves of chicory as a side an in order to add some “counterpoint” to this rather juicy “oil fest” ;-).

But what can I say without praising myself too much? I guess, pallatal “orgasm” isn’t an option when meaning to remain modest…? 😉 Enjoy. (Oh, paper towels, of course…)


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