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Rye Toast with an Assortment of Pickles and Condiments (Nearly Vegan)

Source: Shared album - Wan Nan - Google Photos Prior to my big transition in diet in 2005 when I had learned of my food intolerances that had been plaguing me for the bulk of my life into later adulthood one of my guilty pleasures had been snacks and pastries of all kinds, the "creamier", …


Eat these 5 foods to sharpen your brain health, memory and focus |

Crosschecking how well I was doing with my own diet. Not too bad, I’d say, but still some room for improvement (particular where it concerns fermented foods, I keep forgetting them, should be Kraut for me or Kimchi or such, totally intolerant to anything dairy, so those foods made from it won’t work; luckily, there are plenty of alternatives serving a similar purpose)

bowl of raspberries and blueberries held up by a person Bowl of Raspberries and Blueberries

Source: Eat these 5 foods to sharpen your brain health, memory and focus, says Harvard nutritionist

I was intrigued to cross check how well I’m doing with my diet. Not bad, but room for improvement. Interestingly, a short time prior to coming across this I have added more fruit to my daily diet again and having done so seems to improve my mood on a sustainable basis.
Should remind myself to have fermented foods more often again. Other than that: Check 🙂

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(“Gepimpte”) Gemüsetarte/Pizza(ersatz) nach Vorlage musikgeschmack (vegan) | DE

Source: Kinderleichte Tomatentarte – musikgeschmack Das gibt's heute in abgewandelter Form zu Abend Inspiriert von Musikgeschmack - hören, schmecken, fühlens "Tomatentart" als vegetarisch–veganer Pizzaersatz mit u.a. Aubergine, Paprikastreifen. Statt TK–Fertigteig zwei Vollkorn–Wraps als Teig, die ich jeweils auf der Ober–und Unterseite mit veganem Tomaten–Basilikum–Aufstrich bestrichen und "zusammengeklebt" habe; zusätzlich ein bißchen Eisbergsalat in Streifen über …