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A Quick Snack | EN

Chicoree with toppings

Source: Chicoree, Tomato, a small piece of salmon each, chilli flavored salt, basil leaves (poor presentation, I’m aware… may it highlight the “quick and easy character” of this…)

I came home from a 45 km tour on the bicycle with quite a few hills to “climb”. Although it was strenuous enough, I wasn’t very hungry afterwards. (Maybe because I had half a grapefruit and a few leaves of chicoree before I went). So I didn’t feel like treating myself to a full meal, but rather a snack.

My doc warned me not to have salad after 2.00h p.m. – I but I felt like something fresh and crispy. So my choice was for some chicoree leaves, each layered with a small piece of salmon, remoulade on top, a piece of tomato and basil leaves to top it off. I nibbled on some walnuts along with that, which aren’t in the picture.

Again, the vegan version does without salmon but some “meaty” veggie, like dried tomato slices or egg plant or grilled slices of summer squash. And you’d have to replace the remoulade, of course (as it contains eggs)


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