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Wheat-Corn Flatbread for a Quick Snack | EN

I think I am taking a liking in the idea of these wheat-corn-wraps as the foundation for all kinds of quick interim snacks. (if the wrap was only made from corn, I’d have an easier time with it for reasons of an existing sensitivity to all gluten. However, gluten is better tolerated by my system than any dairy, which I have to avoid like the plague – which it pretty much is for me. I haven’t found wraps made from pure corn so far, so I’m grateful for any hints in that direction)

flat bread (wheat)

Last night, for example, I have “extended” and “pimped” the previously presented Thai-Chilli-Coconut-Soup  by adding some more coconut “milk”, sweet potatoe sticks, another Thai Chilli and another layer of chilli flavored salt, ground chilli flakes, ground black pepper and enjoyed a roasted wrap for a side along with it. Since I had a taste for a little extra afterwards, I roasted another one of said wraps, sprinkled some chilli-flavored organic olive oil on top, added chilli flavored salt, ground chilli flakes and ground black pepper and voilà – there you have an instant “dessert” or add-on to your main course! (Prep time less than 5 minutes, depending upon the extent of “tan” that you prefer for your wrap)

Variations can include some vegan spread of different flavors, smoked fillet of ham, smoked salmon cubes, shrimp, diced tomatoes, mayonnaise or remoulade, perhaps some cubed shallots, either natural or roasted, roasted onion flakes, the possibilties are practically endless. The whole thing works in a sweet flavor as well, of course, by adding e.g. Nutella spread or some healthier vegan chocolate spread, jam, honey… etc. etc.


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