Soup Bowl | EN

Must have contracted a bout of flu from “flu season” going round. So after not riding the bike today – which is a shame really as we had beautiful, sunny, spring-like weather – and after taking an extended 6km walk instead while listening to #jacobcollier #djesse_vol_1 on my big spaceman-type headphones for the gazillionth time – I felt like soup. Somehow, I always think of soup as household remedy. And yes, I am aware that the go-to “medicine in a bowl” is any type of chicken broth. But the other thing I had left over which had been waiting to make it into a meal for two days or so was half a can of coconut milk. So… what else…?

  • half a can of coconut milk
  • about a tablespoon of hot chilli dip (yes, from your assortment of other instant seasoning pastes, dips and whatnot, i.e. where you’ll also find ketchup and mayonnaise)
  • Rice noodles
  • sliced green peppers (about half a “bell”)
  • some sliced chicory or Cesar’s salad
  • lots of ginger, peeled and sliced (good for your immune system)
  • crushed cashews
  • seasoning, like e.g.
    • (my usual) chilli-flavored sea salt
    • chilli flakes
    • half a tablespoon of roasted onion flakes (just for kicks)
    • maybe some black pepper

I think that’s about the size of it. Pour coconut milk in a small pot like the one you see above, start heating it on low simmer while mincing and slicing ingredients. Add them one by one, crank up the heat for about 2-3 minutes – avoid boiling as it would destroy virus-fighting nutrients in the veggies -, decorate with – the usual basil, if you got one handy.

So …, in case you’ve glossed over some of these wanna-be-‘recipés’ here, you’re likely to have gotten the idea by now: It’s ‘kitchen jazz’! And it works something like this: Take a look in the fridge and check, what you’ll find there, think of something you’ve had before, bring the ingredients together per your liking and impromptu brainwave – and see whether it’s edible or not 😉 (This one was, I’ve treated myself to 2.5 bowls of it, slightly overeating again, especially when considering that I had a few more handfuls of cashews and raisins for ‘dessert’ 😉 ). Really, it can’t any easier and quicker than this.

Bon Appétit!


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