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Dan Buettner On Blue Zones, Longevity and Quality of Life | TED Talk | EN

TED Talk, Dan Buettner, Longevity, Blue Zones
Dan Buettner, TED Talk, on how to add more life to your years.

A Facebook friend brought this incredibly inspiring TED Talk to my attention. Dan Buettner speaks on the identifiable and documented aspects that make for a good and long life, filled with meaningful activity, purpose, social connections etc. – he calls it “tribe” as a tip to the hat of the Centenarian population living on the Japanese island of Okinawa, who have the word “Moai” for it, meaning roughly the same thing.

If nothing else, it is an excellent, informative, educating and entertaining reminder of all the things we tend to forego, forget or diminish in our Western cultures and lifestyles, where “self optimizing” in the name of productivity, profit, material wealth and these kinds of things often seem to overrule and override many, if not most of the most germane human needs we’re all born with and that are “hard-wired” into us. Reminding ourselves as to what these needs are and aligning our lives accordingly may – admittedly – be not easy when done on an individual basis, if not impossible. That is why I chose to share this inspiring talk, so that those with ears to hear may kindly listen, if so inclined.

Why post this here on this blog that deals with little quick meals, supposedly promoting the exact opposite of what above presentation is about? Because I started this blog with the thought in mind that even when things need to go fast, by making a few conscious choices about ingredients, setting, procedure, even the seemingly mundane activity of repleneshing your body with calories can add a minute share of quality to it, every day, and every day a little more. Or in yet different words: If you must eat alone because that’s how you find yourself going about meals most often, then adding a little more joy to it might make a little difference, can’t it?

In any case – hope, you’ll enjoy this! Have a great day! And may you enjoy the small things whenever you can.


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